Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Stars Wars Plays Nice

I'm not a real Star Wars fan, I was of the perfect age when it came out....but I'm a girl and it never hit home for me.

HOWEVER, I can appreciate it's staying power and these Star Wars Valentines make me feel warm and fuzzy.

Get more info.

DIY: Because Barns are Classy

Ana-White is my hero. Unfortunately I'm not allowed to handle power-tools....or some kitchen appliances so these won't likely grace my walls. BUT they are lovely! Get more info.

DIY: Party Bag Favor Labels

Love it, could totally use it! Show me.

JunkMail Greetings for Anyone

ADORABLE. I am a paper lovin freak and when you add a dash of smart aleck...well NOW you're talkin'!

These people speak my language; JunkMail Greetings found on Etsy:

JunkMail Greetings is a purveyor of fine social stationery, embodying your sentiments with the truest sincerity. (We make nice cards that say what you want to.)